Past Winners

These are our past 1000 Hometown Heroes prize giveaway winners. Enter for your chance to win by filling out this short survey!

June 26, 2020$50 Pick ‘N SavePedro P.
Toccara O.
July 10, 2020$50 Crossroads CollectiveRicardo W.
Dede W.
July 17, 2020$20 AmazonSky V.
Sarah R.
Joelle O.
Chris W.
William H.
July 24, 2020$50 Pete’s Fruit MarketAlicia M.
Euniqua C.
July 31, 2020$50 El ReyVantani H.
Andrea Q.
August 7, 2020$50 Milwaukee Public MarketYvonne T.
Veronica E.
August 14, 2020$20 AmazonRobert T.
Fre W.
Staci B.
Melva S.
Jessica X.
August 21, 2020$50 Kopp’s Frozen CustardCynthia D.
Heather C.
September 2, 2020Set of locally made child- or adult-sized face masksSerena H.
Candace D.
Ann M.
Cassandra R.
Sara Z.

Tina G.
Katie S.
Melinda V.
Val Ann K.
Lavina B.
Araceli M.
James G.
September 11, 2020$50 Ace HardwareMaria P.
Raymond Z.
September 18, 2020$50 Pete’s Fruit MarketGale H.
Patricia S.
September 25, 2020$50 El ReyCarlos
Darlene R.
October 2, 2020$20 AmazonTee
Erin R.
Elizabeth G.
Jenny P.
October 9, 2020$50 AldiMary C.
Genoveva A.
October 16, 2020$20 AmazonSarah F.
Jose S.
Mary A.
Grisel T.
October 23, 2020$50 Pick ‘n SaveNaomi A.J.
October 30, 2020$20 AmazonElizabeth V.
Lashae A.
Leah P.
Corey T.
Jessica B.
November 6, 2020$50 Pete’s Fruit MarketHimelda H.
November 13, 2020$40 AmazonSelena A.
Sharon T.
Sammy F.
November 20, 2020$50 AldiAraceli R.
Carolina A.
December 11, 2020$40 AmazonEva C.
Lesley V.
Stacy S.
Zambia B.
Dejanira V.